What's Powering This

What's Powering This

2022, May 08    

The best part is I don’t have to patch anything.

Why a Static Site Generator?

As a DevSecOps professional, my job revolves around maintaining dynamic web applications. This role keeps me engaged throughout the day, occasionally into the evenings, and even sporadically over the weekends. Given the demanding nature of my day job, I prefer to keep things simple and hassle-free in my leisure hours, particularly when it comes to blogging.

This is where a Static Site Generator (SSG) comes in. As the name suggests, an SSG is a tool that generates a complete, static website. The site can be hosted just like any other static assets, for instance, on an S3 Bucket, GitHub Pages, or in my case, Cloudflare Pages. It’s a low-maintenance solution for someone like me who craves simplicity and performance outside of work hours.

In terms of my tech stack, this site is built with Jekyll, primarily because it offered a clean, attractive theme that suited my needs with minimal customization. While there are many excellent SSGs out there, Jekyll ticked all the boxes for me with its simplicity and user-friendly themes.

What’s the workflow?

I leverage a streamlined and efficient workflow for my blogging process. At its core is a private GitHub repository, which houses the theme for the blog. Each time I merge changes to the main branch, Cloudflare springs into action, automatically building and deploying the updated site.

The real magic lies in the fact that all blog posts are written in Markdown. This lightweight markup language allows for easy formatting and readability, making it incredibly straightforward to create new posts.

In essence, the entire process is beautifully simplistic, from drafting posts in Visual Studio Code, my IDE of choice, to deploying them via Cloudflare Pages. The result? A clean, performant, and hassle-free blogging platform that allows me to share my thoughts and experiences without the usual headaches associated with dynamic web applications.